Emma Murray




Emma Murray has been a Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor since 2003.


Under the tutelage of Bern based master-trainer, Nina Schneider, her work as a maker of performance and choreography informs and enriches her teaching practice.


She regularly teaches single and group trainings and draws on her lengthy experience as a professional dancer to offer training that is enlivened, accessible, and grounded in the principals of Gyrotonic Expansion System.




Einzelstunde                             95.– / *75.–
Zehner–Abo                             850.– / *650.–

Tandem (zu zweit)                    65.– / *45.–
Zehner–Abo                            550.– / *390.–

Schnupperstunde                     50.–

*Reduzierte Preise für
Studierende, KünstlerInnen, TänzerInnen, PraktikantInnen, Lehrlinge, SchülerInnen, mit Kulturlegi, ACT, SBKV, AHV/IV