Emma Murray




Emma Murray has been a Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor since 2003.


Under the tutelage of Bern based master-trainer, Nina Schneider, her work as a maker of performance and choreography informs and enriches her teaching practice.


She regularly teaches single and group trainings and draws on her lengthy experience as a professional dancer to offer training that is enlivened, accessible, and grounded in the principals of Gyrotonic Expansion System.




Preise Gyrotonic®

Schnupperstunde                     50.–

Einzelstunde begleitet              85.–
10er–Abo                              800.–

Tandem (zu zweit)                    55.–
10er–Abo                              500.–

Für reduzierte Preise kontaktieren Sie bitte die Kursleitenden.
Studierende, KünstlerInnen, TänzerInnen, PraktikantInnen, Lehrlinge, SchülerInnen, mit Kulturlegi, ACT, SBKV, AHV/IV.