Liz Waterhouse

Gyrotonic® Trainer, Dancer


Liz Waterhouse has been practicing Gyrotonic® and GYROKINESIS® for fifteen years in addition to working as professional dancer, dance scholar and movement teacher. She received her teaching certification for Gyrotonic Level I in 2014 and joined the team of Drehpunkt in 2018. She offers private and duet lessons in German and English that can be tailored towards therapeutic or fitness needs. Liz is also certified in contemporary Pilates Mat and core integration from the Kane School Core Integration in New York City. 




Born in upstate New York (1979) Liz trained in ballet before studying at Harvard University, where she continued dancing while pursuing her academic studies. In 2001 she graduated magna cum laude with a liberal arts degree, majoring in Physics with a focus in Astronomy. She then studied modern dance at The Ohio State University, receiving a Master of Fine Arts degree.  Directly after finishing her education, she moved to Germany to dance professionally in William Forsythe’s contemporary dance ensembles, Ballett Frankfurt and The Forsythe Company, where she toured internationally, created new choreographic works, and took part in innovative research projects. Afterwards Liz moved to Bern to commence postgraduate studies within the Graduate School of the Arts at the University of Bern/Hochschule der Künste Bern. In 2020, she became a Dr. in Dance Studies with the thesis "Processing Choreography: A Longitudinal Study of William Forsythe's Duo Project (1996-2018). 


Teaching Philosophy

Liz enjoys teaching all sorts of people: from professional musicians and dancers, to people recovering from injury and illness. Liz brings to her Gyrotonic® teaching her deep understanding of the human body, as well as her experience thinking about movement from the natural, biological and human sciences. In her view, the body is more than a tool to be trained, perfected and optimized; it is the tissue through which we make a meaningful live. The pleasure and power of movement is a guiding force in all of her work. Through learning how to care for her own scoliosis, Liz has particular understanding of how Gyrotonic® can be used to help people with body asymmetries, back pain, or to compensate for sedentary lifestyles, such as office work. She has found that Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis®are movement methods that help one’s body synergistically: improving coordination and alignment, boosting metabolism, lifting mood, easing stress and enhancing the body’s own capacity for learning and rejuvenation.

Gyrotonic® Lineage and Approach

Liz’s Gyrotonic® lineage is highly international. She has studied with master trainers Lisa Pari (Boston) and Martin Lämmerhirt (Praxis Lämmerhirt, Franfurt), as well as Yevgen Bondarenko (Balance Center, Dresden) and Eliane Eicher (White Cloud Studio, Bern). This lineage reflects a strong foundation not only pure Gyrotonic®, but new hybridizations: with Christian Larsen’s SpiralDynamik®, Sue Hitzmen’s MELT®, and Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains. 


Preise Gyrotonic®

Schnupperstunde                     50.–

Einzelstunde                            85.–
10er–Abo                              800.–

Tandem (zu zweit)                    55.–
10er–Abo                              500.–

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Studierende, KünstlerInnen, TänzerInnen, PraktikantInnen, Lehrlinge, SchülerInnen, mit Kulturlegi, ACT, SBKV, AHV/IV.

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